Polaris RZR MPI Supercharger Kit


Our Stage I kit is shipping at 75+ Wheel Horsepower at 6 pounds of boost. The supercharger kit is capable of 15+ pounds of boost, but motor and drive train upgrades are required. The RZR boasts a consumer friendly bolt-on solution that more than doubles your power. We recommend using Premium Gas, 92+ Octane. The Stock RZR has about 35 Rear Wheel Horsepower & 43 on the S model. For those desiring more power, numbers in excess of 100 RWHP our Stage II motor package (with cap screw rods, forged 1 piece crank & valve train) is coming (then Stage III). Kit Includes MPI's GEMS (Global Engine Management System) Fuel Controller. This kit is fully compatible with the DynaTek Ignition system as well as our custom RZR ECU reprogramming.



This kit was designed by a team of experienced engineers with 4 specific goals in mind:

  1. Easy Install - Minimum cutting and no fabricating. Consumer installs pre-assembled sub systems. Typical 4-6hr install plus clutch changes and any desired instrumentation. 

  2. Dependable HP - Build on the reliability of the Polaris motor. Plus compensating for the inherent weaknesses.

  3. Instantaneous Throttle Response - MPI knows this is required for an A+ fun factor.

  4. Repeatable Performance - The system must not require "tinkering" to make it run.

We have met and exceeded our design goals in all aspects. Each of the key factors mentioned have met the requirements of the most discriminating enthusiasts. 


Major Components:

  • C15-60 Rotrex Supercharger
  • Stainless Exhaust Reroutes and Replaces the OE Exhaust.
  • Reliable no-slip cog belt drive system
  • Billet Bracketry throughout
  • High volume high efficiency bar and plate intercooler 
  • Plug and Play Electronic Fuel Controller included


Recommendations & Notes:

  • Gauges are not required, but recommended for Extreme Application. We recommend the ProLogger
  • Heavier Primary Weights are Required.
  • Due to an Inconsistency in Polaris Engine Manufacturing, we are recommending that all units running on pump gas check the piston ring end gap. Most units are OK, but we have seen several units with less than 0.010" of end gap. We recommend opening this gap to 0.020 to 0.024"

RZR Supercharger FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)



  1. Q - Are Superchargers and Turbochargers equal in efficiency? 
    A.- Yes and No, some superchargers are very inefficient. Ours has better or equal efficiency when it is compared to a turbo (depending on the turbo). Old fashion centrifugal superchargers suffer efficiency loss due to their large size and inefficient design. When a CVT clutch is used (like the RZR), efficiency is actually higher on our supercharger than the turbo. This was studied in depth and well documented by Audi.

  2. Q - Does a Supercharger Have Lag?
    A - NO! None what so ever. Turbos have Lag, because it takes time for the exhaust to spool up the turbo. A Supercharge, being driven directly by the Motor, has Zero lag time. In fact, a Supercharger has anti-lag. It is many times MORE responsive than any normally aspirated motor. When you are asked to think of the most powerful internal combustion engine you can, a Top Fuel Dragster should pop into your mind. They produce over 8000HP. They also run blowers...all of them. This instantaneous response can be a significant advantage for someone that is on and off the throttle.

  3. Q - Do I have to hack holes in my RZR to install a MPI blower?
    A - NO! There are no holes added with the exception of 3/16" rivet holes and a return hose bung is added to the fuel tank. Every piece of the kit mounts in stock holes.

  4. Q - Can a novice install this kit?
    A - Yes! Although this is a fairly complex product, installation is a snap. If you can install a set of pipes, you can install our blower kit. Typical FIRST TIME install times are about 8 to 10 hours and experienced installers run around 4-6 hours. These time estimates to not allow for any clutching modifications, but are typically 1/2 to 1 hour.

  5. Q - Will I have problems fuel mixture and clutching this kit? 
    A - NO! Since the boost is instantaneous, there is nothing funny going on with the fuel. We simply add a metered increase in fuel delivery as a direct relation to the boost. There is actually less variation in the air/fuel ratio than a stock RZR.

  6. Q - What clutching changes do I have to make?
    A - For optimum performance we recommend heavier primary weights. Our setup has been tested from 2500 to 10,000 feet. In Sand, Dirt and on Pavement. There are additional products available that will help even more, but with this kind of HP and throttle response clutching gets easier, not harder. Just throw a lot of weight at it.

  7. Q - What kind of durability does the supercharger itself have?
    A - There are almost no failures with these units in there 5 year plus history (over 7500 units). It has been used on motorcycles and larger versions with identical designs are used by OEMs on cars. This unit actually packs a warranty that is not voided with off-road use. Off-road applications have a 1 year plus warranty. The entire kit carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

  8. Q - How can this kit produce more horsepower and be more reliable than turbo kits?
    A - Simple, contrary to popular belief, turbos are NOT free horsepower. If you don't believe this, just take off your turbo's airbox and setup the fuel system to stock and go drive the vehicle with the turbo still in the exhaust pipe. We have dyno tested this exact scenario for both turbos and blowers. Turbos do not take less power to drive than our blowers, some kits required 14 psi to match the HP we made at 10 psi. It is not our intent to bag on turbos, it is just that they are out of date, unreliable for usage on gas engines, melt stuff and have been replaced by superchargers on nearly all US gasoline automobiles. There is a lot more to a forced air system efficiency than the air compressor itself. Compressor sizing (and turbo sizing) play a big role. On a turbo, exhaust design is key. Just how much you compromise it to fit all this stuff in a vehicle is the measure of the engineering quality.

  9. Q - Do I have to run Race Fuel?
    A - NO! pump premium at 6 PSI is perfectly acceptable.

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