50 Caliber Racing 2 Inch LED Pod Light with Multi-Colored Covers 2" POD

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50 Caliber Racing 2 Inch LED Pod Light with Multi-colored Covers

50 Caliber Racing LED Pod Lights are are a great way to add some high powered auxiliary lighting to your car, truck, UTV, or any other vehicle. These lights can withstand anything that you can throw at them: sand, desert heat, dirt, mud, monsoon rains, blizzard snow or any of mother nature's extreme fury. Single bolt mounting and compact size makes it easy to mount anywhere you need them. Comes with blue, red, yellow, and clear covers.

* Price is for a single LED pod light *

- Size: 3.25"(L) x 3’’(H ) x 3.5’’(D)
- Operates on 9-36 Volts DC including 12 and 24 Volts
- 4 LED bulbs 3 watt each 12 watts total at 6000K
- Single Bolt Mounting System
- Multi-colored face plates
- 4 amps on 12 volts, 2 amp on 24 volts
- 68 IP rating (can be submerged in water)
- Durable high impact housing
- 50,000 hours life expectancy
- 2 wire installation
- 1 Year Warranty!