Polaris General Front Bumper with Winch Mount

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Fits: 2016-17 Polaris General
Laser Cut and CNC Formed to insure a consistent fit.
Fabricated with American Steel.
Allows you to mount winch in one of three places; on top, inside, or in the stock location. If you are mounting it in the stock location you will need an extra roller or billet fairlead bracket to mount to the bash plate.
Accepts most major brand Regular or Wide Spool Winches up to 4000 lbs.
Winch Bolt Patterns; Wide Spool 3” deep x 6-5/8” wide and Regular Spool 3” deep x 4-7/8” Wide. Fairlead Bolt Patterns; 4.875” and 6” Texture Powder Coated for superior protection.
Can be used with and without the Stinger bar. It bolts on so if you do not want it just do not use it.
Mounts to the frame behind the radiator protecting the radiator, unlike the factory bumpers. Made in the USA.

Add style and function to your General with the EMP front Brush Guard. It bolts to your frame behind the radiator unlike factory bumper that bolt in front of your radiator possibly causing damage to your radiator. Three winch mounting locations give you the option of customizing your General to fit your preferences.